How to beat work competition

15 Apr

Something that can cause too much stress to your life is being constantly exposed to a competitive work environment, WHICH is very common in almost every industry or profession.

Cut-throat competition can be healthy if you know how to adapt, if not, you will surely be left for dead.

This has been a struggle for me when I entered the corporate world. You compete to be hired, you compete for the position, and then you compete to be recognized, you compete for promotion, you compete to stay in the game. It is non-stop.

This shouldn’t be new to us since we are raised in a competition hungry world, from competing with your siblings, to competing in school.

But how do we really beat competition? Continue reading


10 Signs that you need to BREAK UP

10 Apr

You are “THE COUPLE” back in high school. Your families are so close, you now call his mom, “Mom”.

Your relationship seems so perfect, so, PERMANENT. Like this is how it’s suppose to be and nothing can change it.

Every time you attend a wedding the only thing you hear is “You guys are sure to be next”, and you agree, because you know that’s where your relationship is headed, SUPPOSEDLY.

But somehow, you feel that something is OFF. Something went missing, or something was not there to begin with. You wake up in the middle of the night and you realize that this relationship has to END. Continue reading


8 Apr


The most dreadful part of the week. The end of the weekend fun and relaxation. The start of a new stressful work week.

Don’t you just hate it? The day where we almost literally drag ourselves to work and spend all our life energy just to survive the day or much worse, the whole week.

I used to hate it. I still do sometimes. Until you realize, you can’t really do anything to stop it. Acceptance is the key, and of course PARADIGM SHIFT or simply a change of perspective. Continue reading

The Girlfriend Guide

7 Apr

Isn’t it amazing to think of all the things the human race has achieved over its existence?

We have reached the moon and mars and invented wireless communication. We even came up with a device smarter than us. Yes the smartphone!

But no matter how much we try to look into things beyond our reach, the fact remains that there are territories as vague as alien life. I’m talking about relationships. I heard tons of stories from both friends and strangers about love lives  sex lives and everything in between, that i actually thought of writing a book, a very thick book that i intend to hit their heads with. Mine included.

Being the observer and seeing things from a clearer perspective, i can say that most relationship issues are just effects of mis-communication or the lack of it.  Continue reading

How to Pack Light on your next trip

3 Apr

Tis the season to be sun-burned!!

Summertime is time for outings and lots of trips. Everyone wants nothing but a smooth, stress-free and fun vacay. It’s not stress-free if you’re going to carry a bag bigger and heavier than you, right? So my advice, KEEP IT LIGHT.

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Color Scheming in movies: THE HEALING

31 Mar

It is a common practice in movie-making to make use of color schemes to add emphasis on a certain scene or influence the mood of the viewers. This strange but effective method has been seen in numerous notable movies.

Some film-makers became very successful in using color scheming to add effectiveness to their film. In American Beauty they used the color Red to symbolize “Life Force” and incorporated several different red things in every scene to relate the different personal struggles of each character. In the film, Kevin Spacey would imagine the girl he’s been fantasizing to be floating naked in a bed of roses to signify his repressed sexual desires for her. Continue reading

9 basic things Men should splurge on

30 Mar

Naturally, it is best to be frugal in spending our hard-earned moola. However, practicality should not be a reason to sacrifice the good things in life. There are certain things that men in particular should spend a little bit more to help improve their lifestyle.

With these, it’s okay to be expensive! Continue reading